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Artikelnummer: T51602

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F104 2017 Bodyset

This spare body parts set replicates a modern F-1 car.  The design cues are inspired from those seen in the 2017 F-1 season. 

Body Set Contents:
•The body and driver parts come molded in lightweight and durable polycarbonate.
•The body design is inspired by 2017 trends, with a sharp, slanting nose and bulging side pontoons.
•Additional polycarbonate parts are included to create alternative lower side pontoon sections as separate components, for chassis with larger R/C equipment.
•Compatible with F104 PRO II cars
•Compatible with F104 Pro Version 2, TRF 101-102 with minor modifications.
•Compatible with 2017 spec, spare parts plastic wing sets (Items 51603 - white, and 51604 – black)
•Tamiya PS polycarbonate paint needed to paint the body. 

Tamiya nummer: 51602


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