JDEX-RR3-A20 Ontvanger Duplex 2.4EX REX3 20cm

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Receiver Duplex 2.4EX REX3 20cm Antenna

Programmable Duplex 2.4EX Rex3 Receiver 2.4GHz:

- Bidirectional communication with the transmitter
- Transfer of telemetry data to the transmitter
- Voltage indication of the receiver supply at the transmitter and adjustable value for alarm triggering
- Multiple receivers on one transmitter possible, capable of receiving up to 16 channels
- Adjustable failsafe
- Servo channels can be assigned freely
- Servo travel, center position and travel time adjustable
- free mixer allocation of channels
- Expo of the channels adjustable
- internal memory for data logging and data logging
- Control signals
- integrated expander for up to 3 sensors
- supported protocols: PPM, EXBUS, EX, ..
- programmable functions of the slots
- support the direct input
- compact dimensions
- 32 bit processor
- full range
- programmable via the JETIBOX and wireless
- via the duplex DC / DS transmitter

DUPLEX EX is the successor to the familiar and proven Jeti- DUPLEX system and, of course, fully compatible with the existing components. The EX series offers a major extension of the possibilities of transmitting the telemetric data, in conjunction with the PROFI BOX or the JETI transmitters in combination with the FlightMonitor program package, you get a user-friendly overview of the operating condition of your model, a facilitated setting Of the system components and, on the other hand, facilitated processing, mapping and analysis of the (recorded) flight data


- Dimensions: 40x22x7mm
- Weight: 7g
- Antenna length: 2x 200mm
- Output channels: 3
- Temperature range: -10 to 85 ° C
- Input voltage: 3.2 - 8.4V
- Average current consumption: mA
- real time telemetry transmission: yes
- Programming: JETIBOX
- Satellite receiver: yes
- Transmission power: 15 dBm
- Reception Sensitivity: 106 dBm

JETI Nummer: JDEX-RR3-A20

EAN: 8595245915018

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