Jeti Sensor MU-3 Jeti Model MU3

Artikelnummer: HE-JEX-MU3

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Jeti Sensor MU-3 Jeti Model MU3

Voor het meten van 3 verschillende spanningen in je model

The sensor MU-3 can be used for model on board monitoring of up to three voltages. With the aid of the MU-3 sensor the historical course of particular voltages can be monitored (minimum and maximum values) and the sensor may warn the user if set parameters are violated. Informations of the sensor are transmitted by the Duplex System to the user.
The Duplex System utilizes the 2,4GHz band for communication, which not only transmits model controlling data to the model but also receives useful model data back at the transmitter end. Data collected during operation are transmitted in real time and the actual condition of measured values can be evaluated on the JETIBOX LCD display.

Technical Data:

- Weight [g] 18
- Dimensions [mm] 36 x 20 x 5
- Operational temperature [°C] -10 ... 85
- Supply Voltage [V] 3,5 - 8,4
- Average Current [mA] 8
- Range of measured voltage [V] A: 0 - 9V, B: 0 - 20V, C: 0 - 20V
- Accuracy of voltage measurement [%] 1

Jeti nummer: JEX-MU3

EAN: 8595245909734

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