901013 Force Motor 36R / 5.89 ccm SG

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901013, Carson, Force Motor 36R / 5.89 ccm SG

Whether it's for high- performance or hobby runs, this engine is right for you! For many years, Force has produced extremely reliable, robust and above all high-performance internal combustion engines. Very high RPM says it all. Modern, exacting production methods and premium materials are a given. All engines are double ball raced. The carburettors are pretuned at the factory. Easy rope or electric starting, and adjustment behaviour, make handling this engine very simple.

Technical Data:

- Type 36R/ABC/RS-SG
- Piston Displacement 5.89 ccm
- Power 2.77kW (3,76 PS)
- RPM 35.000
- Weight 457 g

Carson nummer: 901013

EAN: Force Motor 36R / 5.89 ccm SG

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