54935 Brass Adjustable Suspension Mount (XB)

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Brass Adjustable Suspension Mount (XB)

These are heavier brass versions of the TAMIYA new adjustable suspension mount designs found on the TRF420 chassis kit. The brass version will add extra weight compared to aluminum counterparts. There are three different types of mount, each with different dimensions. The included bushing sprue contains 7 pairs of different bushing types, each type with a different hole for the suspension shafts, giving a total of 25 potential shaft offset positions to fine tune your TA-07, TB-05, TRF419, and TRF420 to different track configurations and conditions.

- Brass Adjustable Suspension Mount (XB) x1
- Bushings Sprue x1
- This mount allows settings between XD and X (toe angles depend upon separate suspension mounts and bushings used).
- Compatible with TRF420, TRF419, TA07 and TB-05 chassis cars.

Tamiya number: 54935

EAN: 4950344549351

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