56037, 1/14 RC JGSDF Panzer Typ 10 Full Option

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Tamiya, 56037, 1/14 RC JGSDF Panzer Typ 10 Full Option

This is the newest kit release in the 1/16 R/C tank series. It recreates the Japanese Type 10 Tank, which is also available as a 1/35 scale model kit. The Type 10, of course, is the high-tech modern addition to the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF), and comes loaded with state-of-the-art features such as a newly- designed 120mm smooth-bore main gun, and modular armor. It was built to a relatively small and lightweight design for suitability of use in the mountainous Japanese archipelago, and offers excellent speed and maneuverability. Perhaps most importantly, it was also designed to be compatible with the modern C4I communications network system. Deployment started in 2012 and continues apace as the Type 10 looks set to be a key element of Japanese ground defense armor.

Product Specifications:

Type Detail
Scale Scale:
Construction type Construction type:
Terrain use Terrain use:
Drive-train Drive- train:
Drive type Drive type:
Drive line Drive line:
Differential type Differential type:
Suspension Suspension:
Steering mechanism Steering mechanism:
Shock damper Shock damper:
Shock damper material Shock damper material:
Tire type Tire type:
Tire tread Tire tread:
Body material Body material:
Chassis material Chassis material:
Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Electronic Speed Control (ESC):
ESC model ESC model:
LED Light buckets LED Light buckets:
LED lights LED lights:
Motor Motor:
Bearings Bearings:
Adjustable camber Adjustable camber:
Adjustable toe angles Adjustable toe angles:
Adjustable ground clearance Adjustable ground clearance:
Adjustable gear ratio Adjustable gear ratio:
Adjustable wheelbase Adjustable wheelbase:
Adjustable track width Adjustable track width:
Adjustable shock angle Adjustable

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