3921, 1/24 MAN TGX XXL Wolf Transporte

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1/24 MAN TGX XXL Wolf Transporte

Length of the model 237 mm


An interesting version of the famous German heavy truck characterized by an impressive, in perfect synergy with the design of the cabin, Arctic livery. The MAN TGX XXL is recognized by the commercial and industrial vehicles market as a reference point for its style and its personality. The development of the truck has been done taking in consideration the effectiveness and the performance in long range duties. The aerodynamic design of the truck is able to minimize the fuel consumption. Furthermore The XXL cabin offers Maximum comfort on board and it can be considered an ideal solution for international long haul commercial activities. The range of engines has been developed to minimize the running and operating costs and ensure a longer working life.

Italeri nummer: 3921

EAN nummer: 8001283039215

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