3929 1/24 Tecnokar Trailer w/20ft Tank

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1/24 Tecnokar Trailer w/ 20ft Tank

Length of the model 288 mm


The 20" Tecnokar Tank trailer is designed to ensure the highest level of efficiency in the liquid and fluid transport. The sturdy steel frame, on a three-axle system, made by the Italian Company, is able to load a 20” tank ideal to be used in the container intermodal logistic. It can well satisfy the need of complex and integrated logistic companies that adopting intermodal transport solution of liquid goods. That’s more and more important taking in consideration that, in the recent years, the intermodal transport solution of liquids, especially the liquids destined to the food industry, is a “must have” to guarantee reliability and respect of the delivery time.

Italeri nummer: 3929

EAn nummer: 8001283039291

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