12648, 1/35 Zimmerit Coating Shewet for King Tiger

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1/35 Zimmerit Coating Shewet for King Tiger "Production Turret"

Simulating Zimmerit on military models using putty enhances the model's presence but at the same time it requires advanced skills and is time consuming. These stickers enable reproduction of Zimmerit on Item 35164 German King Tiger "Production Turret." By using this sticker set it will allow novice modelers a way to add Zimmerit to their models without the stress of using a two-part putty.

Specs and Features
Zimmerit Sticker Sheet x1
Compatible with 1/35 German King Tiger "Production Turret" (35164)

Tamiya nummer: 12648

EAN nummer: 4950344126484

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