30058,1/35 French Battle Tank B1 bis Service-Artikel Limitierte Wiederauflage

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Tamiya 30058 1/35 Franz. Panzer B1 bis (motor.)

Service Artikel Limited reissue

This is a "motorized" version of the previously released model kit of the French main battle tank B1 bis. The motorized version allows the modeler to enjoy and experience the excitement as you see this detailed model set in motion!

After the outbreak of World War II, B1 stood in the way of tanks of German troops determined to bring a devastating blow to France on their own soil. The B1 bis went into production in 1937 and was an improved version of Char B1, originally designed in the 1920s. On the riveted hull was a 75mm short-barrel howitzer, while a small one-man tower carried a 47mm long-barreled gun.

The B1 bis was one of the most heavily armored tanks of its time, with a 60mm thick plating in some places, and was able to defend it against anti-tank fire such as 37mm Pak guns. It was able to hold its own against individual German tanks and was greatly feared by enemy soldiers who encountered it.

Technical details:

- Scale 1/35
- Type of mounting kit
- Photo Etched Parts Not included
- stickers included
- Length: 192mm
- Realistically displays the large profile of the tank, the 75mm gun and side armor surfaces of the suspension mechanism
- The parts of the fuselage are manufactured by slipforming and have hexagon bolts accurately shown.
- Single-motor gearbox allows forward movement and is pre-assembled to save time in the design.
- Realistic lacing for the connection takes over the movement of the model and also provide an easy installation.
- The commander's and driver's periscopes are movable as well as the 75mm main cannon.
- Choice of two types of mudguards and exhaust systems.
- Contains a tank commander figure.
- 4 marking options and a paint help are included in the kit.

Technical specifications:

Scale: 1:45
Length: 192 mm

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