204027 1/10 CY2 Specter Sport V36 2,4 GHz RTR

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204027 1/10 CY2 Specter Sport V36 2,4 GHz RTR

Modern technology and many tuning options - Two of the Specter V36 Sport RTR

The suspension geometry allows the V36 Specter to vote on any surface. The complete drive train is made of hardened steel. It is thus very robust and resistant. Furthermore, this was designed for a very low center of gravity, which improves driving performance, traction and maneuverability. Thanks to the 2-disc braking system with metal discs, the braking force of front and rear axle can be adjusted separately. The latest generation of 5.9 ccm Force engine provides more power with an easier handling. For the Gas-/Brems-Funktion a new, powerful and reliable power with 60 Ncm force was developed.

Due to the high degree of prefabrication, this model is ready to drive within the shortest. Following criteria in the design to the fore:

  • Low priced model
  • Tuning device can upgrade to high-tech
  • Max. Speed and acceleration rich
  • The lowest possible center of gravity
  • Best possible traction
  • Reliable and robust Differentials
  • A chassis with adjustment of toe, camber
  • Adjustable shock absorber characteristics
  • Water resistant remote control system in a radio box to accommodate


Recommended accessories:
500905050 Race- fire - fuel inlet
500609002 (2x) AA NiMH Set
500608037 Hump Receiver Battery Pack 6V 1100 mAh
500905072 Nitro Accessory

Specter V36 Pro II - 2.4 GHz radio system - Engine Stopper

Technical details:

  • Four-wheel drive
  • Main gear of hardened steel at the center differential
  • Three steel high- performance differentials
  • 1:8 scale
  • ball bearings
  • 5.9 ccm Force engine
  • 2-shoe clutch
  • Hardened drive shafts
  • CNC milled hardened gears
  • 3 mm aluminum chassis plate with countersunk screws
  • Vented steel disc
  • For protection Race tank with integrated - Sintered filter for protection against pollution with overflow
  • front and rear chassis brace
  • Adjustable oil filled shock absorbers
  • adjustable rear spoiler
  • 17 mm standard hex hub
  • pre-glued high-grip racing tires with inserts in reinforced spoke wheels
  • C-hubs with aluminum uprights for smooth steering
  • Servo holder for lying 9 kg (90 Ncm) steering servo

Technical data:

  • Length 485 mm
  • Width 300 mm
  • Height 195 mm
  • Wheelbase 325 mm
  • Ground clearance 35 mm
  • 17 mm hex hub
  • Wheel diameter 110 mm
  • Tyre width 43 mm
  • Weight 3490 g


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