51591, RC Body Set Mazda2

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RC Body Set Mazda2

This is a spare body parts set of the Mazda 2. It is designed to fit on the Tamiya M-05 and M-05 VII chassis built on the long wheelbase configuration. (239mm) The spare parts package comes with a highly- detailed polycarbonate body, ABS plastic side mirrors, vinyl stickers, and window masking tape.
-The stylish and sporty form of the latest Mazda2 is recreated in clear polycarbonate.
-Separately molded parts are included in the kit to recreate side mirrors.
-Includes marking stickers, plus masking stickers for use when painting.
-Compatible with 239mm (L) wheelbase M-05, M-05 PRO and M-05 Ver.II PRO chassis cars.
-Requires Tamiya PS (Polycarbonate) paint to finish.

Tamiya Nummer: 51591

EAN nummer: 4950344515912

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