54740, RC TA07 D Parts - Suspension Arms/Medium

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RC TA07 D Parts - Suspension Arms/Medium

The suspension arm design from the TA07/TRF418/419 come in two different materials; fiberglass reinforced plastic and carbon reinforced plastic. The fiberglass reinforced plastic found in the TA-07 is soft by nature while the carbon reinforced plastic found in the TRF418/419 is harder in nature. The TRF419X was the first kit to introduce a "medium" stiffness material and it is now available for the TA-07 and TRF418/419 suspension A-Arm design. They will help in low traction conditions, giving improved control once fitted onto a TA-07 chassis or TRF418/419 machine.
-TA07 D Parts (Suspension Arms, Medium) x1
-Set comes with one front and one rear arm. You need to packages to complete one car.
- Compatible with cars using TRF418-design suspension arms or Item 54691 TRF419 D Parts (Suspension Arms).

Tamiya nummer: 54740

EAN nummer: 4950344547401

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