54743, RC TA07 A Parts (Bulkheads)- Carbon Fiber R.

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RC TA07 A Parts (Bulkheads) - Carbon Fiber Reinforced

These are carbon fiber-reinforced nylon resin A-parts for the Tamiya TA-07 on-road chassis. The parts package contains bulkhead, gear cover, motor mount post, steering arm parts and more.

TA07 A Parts Sprue x1
Carbon-fiber reinforced parts improve performance on high-grip carpet and asphalt surfaces. Tuning Tip: Use kit supplied parts for low traction conditions.
Compatible with TA07 PRO chassis.
It's recommended to use Item 54232 RC M3x0.5mm Thread Forming Tap to pre-tap screw holes.

Tamiya nummer: 54743

EAN nummer: 4950344547432

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