54733, RC TT02 Alum Rear Uprights - 3.0 Degrees

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RC TT02 Alum Rear Uprights - 3.0 Degrees

These are 3 degree toe-in aluminum uprights. They were originally designed for the TT-02R chassis kit (Item 47326), but are available separately to outfit standard TT-02 chassis machines. Fit them for smoother cornering and increased stability on race track surfaces as well as your neighborhood parking lot track when racing with friends.
-Aluminum Upright x2 (left and right)
-Can be used in normal and high (rally, truck) ground clearance setups.
-Compatible with TT-02 cars excluding TT-02B and TT-02 Type-S.

Tamiya nummer: 54733

EAN nummer: 4950344547333

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