58614, Suzuki Jimny JB23 - MF-01X

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Suzuki Jimny JB23 - MF-01X

The MF-01X is a compact chassis set to revolutionize the M-Chassis genre, and the all-important first model on this platform recreates the legendary Japanese off-roader, the Suzuki Jimny. The Jimny, of course, has been on sale as one variant or another since 1970, gaining numerous fans thanks to its versatility and toughness. The JB23 depicted by this model is one of the 3rd generation Jimnys introduced in 1998 which had a modernized, rounded body design. It featured a feisty little fuel injected, turbocharged 658cc engine and was a popular car in the domestic Japanese market.

Key Design Points:
Power is transmitted from the rear mounted motor to the front wheels via a propeller shaft that runs down the side of the MF- 01X. Gearboxes are integrated into the monocoque for a sturdy and easy-to-assemble structure.

The MF-01X has a three-section make-up; changing the central spacer section enables short
(210mm), middle (225mm), and long (239mm) wheelbases. Item 58614 uses a middle wheelbase; option parts Item 54654 is needed to change to a short wheelbase, and Item 54655 when changing to a long wheelbase.

Product Specifications:

- Type Detail
- Scale 1/10
- Construction type Assembly kit
- Terrain use Multi-Purpose
- Drive-train 4WD
- Drive type Gearbox
- Drive line Dog bone
- Differential type Gear
- Suspension Fully independent double wishbone
- Steering mechanism Bell-crank
- Shock damper Friction damper
- Shock damper material Plastic
- Tire type Rubber
- Tire tread Rally block
- Body material Polycarbonate
- Chassis material Plastic
- Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Included
- ESC model TBLE-02S
- LED Light buckets No
- LED lights No
- Motor 540-brushed type
- Bearings Plastic bushing
- Adjustable camber Fixed
- Adjustable toe angles Front only
- Adjustable ground clearance Yes
- Adjustable gear ratio Yes
- Adjustable wheelbase Yes
- Adjustable track width Fixed
- Adjustable shock angle Fixed
- Special feature 1 Separate parts recreate door mirrors.
- Special feature 2 3-section frame
- Special feature 3 Rally Block tires are included. Width/Diameter: 27/69mm
- Special feature 4 Features a lightweight, sturdy monocoque composed of left/right halves which incorporate the gearboxes.
- Special feature 5 Torque-tuned motor is included.
- Special feature 6 The car model features the M wheelbase: 225mm. Change to S (210mm) or L (239mm) wheelbase by - switching the spacer used in the center section, and fitting Items 54654-54655 MF-01X Propeller Shafts.
- Special feature 7 Compatible with existing M-chassis bodies, plus Item 54643 MF-01X Ball Bearing Set.
- Requires A 2-channel radio gear
- Requires B 7.2 battery & charger
- Requires C Polycarbonate paint

Tamiya nummer: 58614

EAN: 4950344586141

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