42315, 1/10 TB EVO.7 Chassis Kit

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1/10 TB EVO.7 Chassis Kit

Leveromvang met certificaat. voor deelname aan de Tamiya Cup Nl

This is the 7th generation TB EVO chassis. The TB EVO. 7 is the pinnacle of Tamiya's shaft-driven 4WD on-road racing cars. The main feature of this 7th generation TB EVO is its multiple selectable motor positions (3 in total), the removal of an upper top deck with a stiffener used on the chassis deck in its place, and its steering linkage set up.

Main design features in detail:
The 2mm thick aluminum lower deck is divided into 3 divided 6 mm thick aluminum center braces. The braces provide high rigidity and supple roll characteristics. In addition, you can choose three motor position locations, enabling you to fine tune the balance of the chassis to correspond to a wide variety of track layouts. The TB-EV0 7 also features low center of gravity as the upper deck has been removed. In addition, the steering linkage is mounted on the bulkhead to separate it from the chassis. Adopting this design allows the steering to not be affected by the roll of the chassis. The drive system is equipped with direct coupling (SPOOL), double cardan drive shaft universals at the front and an oil-filled gear differential at the rear. Shock absorption is handled by the well-established TRF Super Short Big Bore Damper on all four corners of the fully independent suspension system.

*Body, motor, tires, R/C equipment, battery pack and charger are sold separately.

Tamiya nummer: 42315

EAN nummer: 4950344423156

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