47308 1/12 RC Golf Racing Gr. 2(M-05)

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1/12 RC Golf Racing Gr. 2(M-05)

The Comeback of a Classic!
This R/C model assembly kit depicts the striking Kamei-sponsored Group 2 VW Golf which made a splash in 1970s touring car racing. The polycarbonate body accurately captures the form of the racing Golf, with wide front fenders and a sporty front spoiler. Stickers are included to recreate sponsor logos, numbers, etc.

M-05: Low Center of Gravity, High Performance!
The front wheel drive M-05 chassis features a lightweight, narrow, durable, and easy- assembly semi-monocoque resin frame. Gearbox, motor, battery pack, receiver, servo and ESC are positioned for optimum weight distribution and a low center of gravity. Ground-hugging 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension and the 3-piece steering linkage provide stable high-speed cornering. Racing slick tires feature tire inserts.

- Length: 329mm, Width: 175mm, Height: 120mm
- Wheelbase: 210mm
- Tread (Front & Rear): 138mm
- Tire Width/Diameter (Front & Rear): 25/55mm
- Monocoque Frame
- 3-Bevel Differential Gear
- Front-Wheel 2WD
- 3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
- 4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension
- Front & Rear Friction Dampers
- Gear Ratio = 5.8:1
- Type 540 Motor
- Requires an Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)

Separately Required Items
- 2-Channel R/C System w/ESC
- R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter
- Battery Pack & Charger

Tamiya nummer: 47308

EAN nummer: 4950344473083


    Art.-Nr. Benaming    
T51394 51394,M-Chassis Wheel-Set 11-Spoke Kopen + details
T54824 54824 M-Chassis 11-Spoke Wheels 2st. Kopen + details
T50882 50882, King Pin Satz 4St. (BD5) Kopen + details
T53633 53633,Tamiya TRF Demperveren wit extra Kopen + details
T51362 51362, M-Chassis Wheel-Set Fiat 500 Kopen + details
T53632 53632 TRF Demperveren blauw hard Kopen + details
T53631 53631,TRF Demperveren geel medium Kopen + details
T53630 53630,Tamiya TRF Demperveren rood soft Kopen + details
T53255 53255 M-Chassis inserts type 60D hard Kopen + details
T54590 54590 M-Chassis inserts Super Hard (4) Kopen + details
T51467 51467 Body-kit Mugen Honda CR-X Pro M- Kopen + details
T54224 54224, M-05 Lightweight alu Battery Kopen + details
T50684 50684, M-Chassis Tires M-Grip 60D (2) Kopen + details
T54213 54213,3x48,5mm Titanium Suspension Kopen + details
T9804237 19804237, RC Gear Box Joint 2st. (BC6) Kopen + details
T9335209 19335209 Velgen Fiat Abarth Kopen + details
T54374 54374 M05/ M06 Drift banden M-Chassis Kopen + details
T42291 42291, M-Chassis Alu Big Bore demperset Kopen + details
T50476 50476, Rally Block bandenset - (1pr) Kopen + details
T53204 53204, M-Chassis Inner Sponge Kit Type Kopen + details
T50676 50676, M-Chassis Wheel-Set Mini Cooper Kopen + details
T54430 54430, Dubbelzijdig schuimband voor Kopen + details
T54044 54044,TRF M-Chassis Piston Rod 26mm (2) Kopen + details
T50683 50683, M-Chassis Radial tires 60D (2) Kopen + details
T54673 54673, MF-01X Centraalas lang 210mm (1) Kopen + details
T50738 Tamiya, 50738, Gear Bag MF-01X, TL01 Kopen + details
T54659 54659, RC MF-01X Carbon Damper Stay - Kopen + details
T54672 54672, MF-01X Centraalas middel 210mm Kopen + details
T54660 54660, RC MF-01X Alum Motor Mount Kopen + details
T54658 54658, RC MF-01X Alum Servo Mount Kopen + details
T53222 53222, M-Chassis Super Slick Tires (2) Kopen + details
T53215 53215 1/10 Slickbanden M-Chassis Kopen + details
T53254 53254, M-Chassis Radial Tires Super Kopen + details
T50569 50569, M-Chassis Wheel-Set Mini Cooper Kopen + details
T50568 50568 1/10 Profielbanden M-Chassis Kopen + details
T53597 53597,Assembly Universal Shaft Kopen + details
T84195 84195, 3mm O-Ring Black (10) (BC5) Kopen + details
T9805945 19805945, Stepscrew 3x18mm 4st. (BC1) Kopen + details
T51237 51237, M-Chassis Wheel-Set Suzuki Swift Kopen + details
T54000 TRF aluminium tuningsdemperset M-Chassis Kopen + details
T54236 54236, M-05 Alu Front Damper Stay blue Kopen + details
T54237 54237, M-05 Low Friction King Pin (4) Kopen + details
T54538 54538 M-05 Alu Counterweight - L/R Kopen + details
T54238 54238, M-05RA Ball Diff Cup Set Kopen + details
T54239 54239, M-05/05RA Stabilizer Set Kopen + details
T54408 54408, M-05 Alu Servo Mount Kopen + details
T54475 54475 M-05 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear) Kopen + details
T54614 54614, M-O5VII L-Teile Querlenker Carb. Kopen + details
T54613 54613, M-05VII Stahl Querlenkerwellen Kopen + details
T54606 54606,M-05V.II Draagarmset v/a (4) Kopen + details
T54529 54529 RC M05 Setting Sus Arm Set - Kopen + details
T54605 54605,RC M-05 Ver.II A Parts Kopen + details
T54542 54542 M-05 Alu Rr Sus Mount - 1 Degree Kopen + details
T54320 M05 Carbon demperbrug voor Kopen + details
T51390 51390 M-05 B-Parts Kopen + details
T54191 54191, M-05 Alu Racing Steering Set Kopen + details
T54183 54183, FF-03 Reinforced Free Wheel Axle Kopen + details
T54182 54182, M-05 Adjustable Upper Arm Set Kopen + details
T54179 54179, M-05 Ball Bearing-Set 18 pcs Kopen + details
T51391 51391, C-Parts Kopen + details
T51392 51392, M-05 D-Parts damper Stay Kopen + details
T51393 51393, M-05 F-Parts Upright Set/Hub Kopen + details
T51427 51427,M-Chassis Rally blok banden Kopen + details
T51389 51389, M-05 A-Parts Chassis/Frame Kopen + details
T51425 RC M05Ra F Parts - Upright Kopen + details
T54214 54214, Titanium Hex Head Screw(2) für Kopen + details
T54195 M05 Aluminium TB Steering Rod Kopen + details
T54194 M05 kogeldifferential set Kopen + details
T54193 M05 aluminium stuurkolomset Kopen + details
T54192 M05 Aluminum steering link Kopen + details
T54326 M06 Aluminium demperbrughouder Kopen + details
T50823 50823, Wheel axle 2pc. (BC7) Kopen + details
T9804392 9804392, Tapping screw 10pc. (BA6) Kopen + details
T50686 50686, M-Chassis Inner Sponge Set blue Kopen + details
T54216 54216, M-Chassis Tires 60D Reinforced Kopen + details
T53340 53340, M-Chassis Tires 60D reinforced Kopen + details
T84278 84278 M05L Alfa Romes MiTo Body Parts Kopen + details
T51405 51405,1/10 velgenset C-Sp/Alfa Romeo Kopen + details
T84279 84279 M05L Alfa Romeo MiTo Body Parts Kopen + details
T84276 84276 M05L Alfa Romes MiTo Body Parts Kopen + details
T51583 51583 1/10 RC Body Set Mazda MX-5 Kopen + details
T84277 84277 M05L Alfa Romeo MiTo Body Set Kopen + details
T92214 92214 1/12 Bodyset Datsum 280ZX Kopen + details
T51334 51334,M-Chassis Wheel Set BMW New Kopen + details
T2500024 12500024, Threaded Shaft 3x18mm 4pc. Kopen + details
T9804163 19804163, Screw 3x27mm 2pc. (BD1) Kopen + details
T2500029 25500029, Threaded Shaft 3x32mm Kopen + details
T54530 54530 RC Carbon Body Mount Crossmember Kopen + details
T54327 54327, M-05 Rear Upright 1° Kopen + details
T54267 54267, M-05/06 Alu Rear Upright 2° Kopen + details
T54277 54277, M-03/04/05/06 Tankwielset Kopen + details
T54319 M03/04/05/06 stalen lichtgewicht assen Kopen + details
T3550008 13550008, Shaft 5x30mm Kopen + details
T54583 54583 M-06/05/Pro RC Titan Coated Sus Kopen + details
T3550027 3550027, Shaft 5x40mm (BA14) Kopen + details
T3555048 3555048, Shaft 5x21mm (BA15) Kopen + details

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