47347 1/10 Racing Fighter Chrome DT-03

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1/10 Racing Fighter Chrome

The Racing Fighter is mounted on the fun and easy to build DT-03 chassis platform. Intended as an easy-to-get-started model to encourage young drivers to enter the world of R/C, its intuitive yet tough design allows hassle-free assembly and gives less experienced users the opportunity to get to grips with R/C model composition and construction.
This kit features a brand new polycarbonate body design with attractive, boxy lines and a stylish rear wing. This kit includes an added bonus! It features a torque-tuned motor and CVA oil dampers to make it faster out of the box. The CVA oil dampers allow the chassis to better handle the rugged terrain of any park or dirt field.

DT-03 Chassis at a glance:
The stylish slim-line form of this chassis stems from its lightweight yet durable monocoque frame, which features a longitudinally-positioned battery and the R/C equipment along the centerline for excellent balance. The combination of a long 287mm wheelbase and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension married to CVA oil dampers with long arms, allows the model to handle with stability on poor surfaces. Ribbed front and square spike rear tires provide ample grip, and the rear-positioned gearbox is sealed to protect from dust and dirt, with the built-in differential gear offering smooth cornering.

Product Specifications (Specifications subject to change)

Type Detail
Scale 1/10
Construction type Assembly kit
Terrain use Off-Road
Drive-train 2WD
Drive type Gearbox
Drive line Dog bone
Differential type Gear
Suspension Fully independent double wishbone
Steering mechanism Direct servo
Shock damper Oil-filled damper
Shock damper material Plastic
Tire type Rubber
Tire tread Pin spike
Body material Polycarbonate
Chassis material Plastic
Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Included
ESC model TBLE-02S
LED Light buckets No
LED lights No
Motor 540-brushed type
Bearings Plastic bushing
Adjustable camber Fixed
Adjustable toe angles Front only
Adjustable ground clearance Yes
Adjustable gear ratio Yes
Adjustable wheelbase Fixed
Adjustable track width Fixed
Adjustable shock angle Fixed
Special feature 1 Features a stylish body molded in durable and lightweight polycarbonate. Brand new stickers are included to decorate the model.
Special feature 2 The DT-03 uses a tough monocoque frame. Big wheelbase (288mm) and tread (front: 221mm, rear: 208mm) measurements give it great performance off-road!
Special feature 3 Front arms are at a 25-degree angle for great off-road driving. Dampers are high- performance CVA oil shocks.
Special feature 4 A torque-tuned motor is included.
Special feature 5 Features a sealed rear gearbox with internal gear differential unit, plus a dust cover for R/C equipment.
Special feature 6 A wide range of option parts is available to tune and customize your DT-03 chassis car.
Special feature 7 TBLE-02S ESC included (May be used for brushed and brushless motor applications)
Requires A 2-channel radio gear
Requires B 7.2 battery & charger

Tamiya nummer: 47347

EAN nummer: 4950344473472


    Art.-Nr. Benaming    
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T54028 54028 TRF Buggy Alu Oil Damper Set Kopen + details
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T54560 54560 DT-03 LW Getriebewelle 5x45 mm (2) Kopen + details
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T12595199 12595199 DT03 BA14 U-vormige as Kopen + details
T19115386 9115386 M-Parts Kopen + details
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T50583 50583 zelftapper 3x15mm (10) Kopen + details
T50586 50586, Vulringen 3mm (15) Kopen + details
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T51283 51283, Kogelkop 5mm (8) Kopen + details
T51205 51205, 2WD Off Road Astral wielen - Kopen + details
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T84182 84182, Motortandwiel 19 tands alu Kopen + details
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T94690 94690 2mm/M2 stopmoer (10) Kopen + details
T19804394 19804394, BA2 Schroef 2,6x10mm Kopen + details
T50577 50577 Parkerschroeven 3x10mm (10) Kopen + details
T9805629 19805629 Zelftappers 3x12mm 8st. Kopen + details
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T0004254 0004254, DT-02/DT-03 D-Teile Kopen + details
T50594 50594, CC-01 Assen 2x10mm (10) Kopen + details
T54628 54628, DT-03/02 17 Z Stahl Motorritzel Kopen + details
T54629 54629, DT-03/02 19 Z Stahl Motorritzel Kopen + details
T50582 50582, Zelftapschroef 3x14mm (5) Kopen + details
T9805756 9805756, BA6 / BB2 Ophangsschroeven 6 Kopen + details
T9805976 9805976, BB1/ BA5 Ophangingsschroeven 4 Kopen + details
T9808187 9808187, Stuurstang 3x65mm Kopen + details
T53689 53689, 540-J motor Kopen + details
T54358 54358, RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor Kopen + details
T51207 51207, 2WD Off Road voorbanden - gerild Kopen + details

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