58346 1/10 RC The Grasshopper I 2005 2WD LWA

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The Grasshopper I 2WD Buggy 1/10

Let It All Begin With This One Buggy

Based on 1-seater buggies seen tearing-up dirt tracks across the U.S. in the 80's, the Grasshopper first made its appearance in R/C stores in 1984. Boasting easy assembly and easy control, the lightweight Grasshopper proved an instant hit as the perfect entry level R/C kit. Also compatible with a whole range of option parts such as 540 motor and ball bearings, the Grasshopper was an entry level car that could keep up with the owners driving experience. Packed with all the fantastic features of the original kit, this fun 2WD buggy is a blast on both off-road and on-road tracks. Whether it was your first or will be your first, the Grasshopper guarantees to please.

Simple But Tough 2WD Chassis

The perfect combination of simple assembly and tough exterior is what made the Grasshopper so special. Durable plastic body is fastened to bathtub resin monocoque chassis by screws, creating a solid frame that can absorb any type of rough handling. Off-road tracks can be tackled with ease thanks to coil spring dampers, and independent swing axle front and rigid axle rear suspension. Diff loaded sealed gearbox keeps out the dirt and stones for smooth driving and cornering. Paddle style rear tires and grooved front tires combine with 3-piece assembly type wheels for excellent grip performance on dirt tracks. Half-body driver figure adds that finishing touch to a fun off-road R/C car.

Product Specifications:

- Scale 1/10
- Construction type assembly kit
- Terrain use off-road
- Drive-train 2WD RWD
- Drive type gearbox
- Drive line solid axle
- Differential type gear
- Suspension independent front/solid axle rear
- Steering mechanism direct servo
- Shock damper friction damper
- Shock damper material plastic
- Tire type rubber
- Tire tread pin spike
- Body material Clear Polycarbonate
- Chassis material plastic
- Electronic Speed Control (ESC) included
- ESC model TEU-101BK
- LED Light buckets no
- LED lights no
- Motor 380-brushed type
- Bearings metal and plastic bushings
- Adjustable camber fixed
- Adjustable toe angles front only
- Adjustable ground clearance fixed
- Adjustable gear ratio fixed
- Adjustable wheelbase fixed
- Adjustable track width fixed
- Adjustable shock angle fixed
- Special feature 1 Length: 389mm
- Special feature 2 width: 223mm
- Special feature 3 height: 135mm
- Special feature 4 weight: 830g
- Special feature 5 380 type motor (chassis compatible with 540 type motor - sold separately)
- Special feature 6 Transmission Type: Rear 2 Wheel Drive
- Special feature 7 Independent swing axle front suspension, rolling rigid axle rear suspension
- Special feature 8 Sealed rear gearbox to protect diff gear during off-road running
- Requires A 7.2 battery & charger
- Requires B 2- channel radio gear
- Requires C TS plastic model paint

Tamiya nummer: 58346

EAN: 4950344583461


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T50577 50577 Parkerschroeven 3x10mm (10) Kopen + details
T9805754 9805754 Zelftappers 3x8mm 8st. Kopen + details
T9805897 Moer met flans en zelfstoppend m3 Kopen + details
T50590 Kogelkoppen 4mm 5stuk Kopen + details
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T50197 50197 Clips verschillende grote Kopen + details
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T9805976 9805976, BB1/ BA5 Ophangingsschroeven 4 Kopen + details
T5315003 Stang 75 mm (1) 58416 Kopen + details
T53689 53689, 540-J motor Kopen + details
T51207 51207, 2WD Off Road voorbanden - gerild Kopen + details
T5315011 Stang 59 mm (1) 58416 Kopen + details

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