58372 1/10 Ford F-350 High Lift 4X4-3SPD

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Ford F350 High-Lift - 4X4-3SPD

Electric R/C assembly kit of one of the most representative American pick-up trucks, the Ford F-350. The model features realistic ladder frame, 3-speed transmission and shaft drive 4WD system. Highly detailed injection molded body and large diameter wheels enhance the stylish high-ground-clearance look. Original marking stickers add to the truck's overall realism

Product Specifications:
- Type Detail
- Scale 1/10
- Construction type assembly kit
- Terrain use multi-purpose
- Drive-train 4WD
- Drive type gearbox
- Drive line solid axle
- Differential type gear
- Suspension leaf spring
- Steering mechanism bell-crank
- Shock damper friction damper
- Shock damper material aluminum
- Tire type rubber
- Tire tread chevron
- Body material ABS Plastic
- Chassis material aluminum
- Electronic Speed Control (ESC) not included
- ESC model n/a
- LED Light buckets yes
- LED lights no
- Motor 540-brushed type
- Bearings metal and plastic bushings
- Adjustable camber fixed
- Adjustable toe angles front only
- Adjustable ground clearance fixed
- Adjustable gear ratio yes
- Adjustable wheelbase fixed
- Adjustable track width fixed
- Adjustable shock angle fixed
- Special feature 1 Durable ladder frame chassis features steel channel and resin crossmembers for high strength
- Special feature 2 Adjustable front and rear leaf spring suspension system equipped with friction dampers
- Special feature 3 3- speed transmission allows gear changing and realistic low-speed driving
- Special feature 4 Propeller shafts and slipper clutch efficiently transfer power to all wheels
- Special feature 5 Differential may be easily locked in place to enable improved off-road performance
- Special feature 6 Highly-detailed injection-molded body
- Special feature 7 Quick-access battery compartment enables easy battery changes without removing body
- Special feature 8 4-channel transmitter, ESC, and running battery & charger are all separately required
- Special feature 9 separately available Pick- Up Truck Multi-Function Unit MFC-02 (ITEM 53957)
- Requires A 4-channel radio gear
- Requires B 7.2 battery & charger
- Requires C TS plastic model paint
- Requires D electronic speed control

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