58549 1/10 Monster Truck TXT-2

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1/10 Monster Truck TXT-2 Agrios

De nieuwe 2 motorige monster truck van Tamiya.

This is the Agrios 4x4x4 Monster truck. The truck body sits on the new Tamiya TXT-2 chassis which is an evolution of the original TXT-1. Agrios, a mythical Greek giant, gives his name to this tough monster truck, which can go over obstacles and rough terrain with ease. The combined use of metal parts with tough plastic lends the model a genuine feeling of power and scale. The truck comes equipped with two 540-brushed motors and is capable of 4- wheel steering when a second servo is added to the rear axle.

Product Specifications:
- Type Detail
- Scale 1/10
- Construction type assembly kit
- Terrain use multi-purpose
- Drive- train 4WD
- Drive type gearbox
- Drive line solid axle
- Differential type gear
- Suspension 4-link
- Steering mechanism direct servo
- Shock damper oil-filled damper
- Shock damper material plastic
- Tire type rubber
- Tire tread block-pattern
- Body material Polycarbonate
- Chassis material plastic
- Electronic Speed Control (ESC) not included
- ESC model n/a
- LED Light buckets no
- LED lights no
- Motor 540-brushed type
- Bearings shielded ball bearing
- Adjustable camber fixed
- Adjustable toe angles fixed
- Adjustable ground clearance fixed
- Adjustable gear ratio fixed
- Adjustable wheelbase fixed
- Adjustable track width fixed
- Adjustable shock angle fixed
- Special feature 1 Black resin-covered aluminum shaft side-frames are fitted with black aluminum panels.
- Special feature 2 Centrally-positioned gearbox with front and rear aluminum beams.
- Special feature 3 Resin upper frame serves as R/C unit cover and battery holder.
- Special feature 4 Two 540-motors included.
- Special feature 5 Front and rear axle cases contain 3-bevel differential gears and have a 2-level transmission.
- Special feature 6 82mm width tires
- Special feature 7 Length: 510mm, Width: 344mm Height: 282mm
- Requires A 7.2 battery & charger
- Requires B 2-channel radio gear
- Requires C electronic speed control

Tamiya nummer: 58549

EAN: 4950344585496

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