58660 1/18 R/C Dynahead 6x6 (G6-01TR)

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1/18 R/C Dynahead 6x6 (G6-01TR)

Tamiya is delighted to announce the latest 6-wheeled beast in our line-up, the Dynahead 6x6, which takes inspiration from the big trucks used in the gruelling offroad world of truck trials. It appears on a new chassis variant named the G6-01TR, based upon the G6-01, with hub reduction axles providing extra height for taking on rougher terrain. With a stylish body penned by self-proclaimed "hyper designer" Takayuki Yamazaki from
Japan, (Dual Ridge, etc.) it is sure to be a fun addition to your R/C garage!

About the Model
• This is a 1/18 scale 6WD R/C model assembly kit. Length: 453mm, width: 244mm, height: 232mm. Wheelbase: 173+126mm.
• The cab-over truck body is a brand new design by Takayuki Yamazaki.
• Hub reduction axles raise ground clearance by 15mm; in conjunction with the traction provided by a 37.35:1
gear ratio (with kit-included 18T pinion), the Dynahead 6x6 has awesome off-road and crawling capability!
• 5-spoke wheels are paired with V-tread block tires (Item 53854) for superlative bite.
• With suspension reassembly and a separately-sold transmitter with 4WS function and R/C equipment, the rear
wheels can be made steerable.
• ESC no
• Transmitter no
• Receiver no
• Servo no
• Motor Type 540
• Battery & Charger no LEDs no

Tamiya nummer: 58660

EAN: 4950344586608

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