58663 1/10 R/C Toyota Hilux Extra Cab (CC-01)

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1/10 R/C Toyota Hilux Extra Cab CC-01

This model recreates the classic Toyota Hilux in the form of a new polycarbonate body mounted on the reliable and fun CC-01 cross country chassis. The kit depicts the 8th generation of the Hilux vehicle, released back in 2015, specifically a special full-size version of the Extra Cab which Toyota’s British division had made in the colors of Tamiya’s legendary Bruiser as a tribute to our model. It also appeared in some high-profile PR activities in Great Britain.

CC-01 Chassis
Excellent ground-hugging, long-stroke suspension system consists of front double wishbone and rear 4-link rigid setups and is equipped with 4 oil dampers. Highly reliable and efficient full-time 4WD system features a front-mounted motor, which transmits power to the front wheels via the gearbox and to the rear wheels via the propeller shaft with universal joints. Front and rear differentials enable smooth cornering. For even greater off-road performance on rough terrain, the rear differential may be locked during assembly. Realistic block-pattern tires are mounted on metal-plated wheels.

• 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 465mm, width: 200mm.
• The rugged Hilux Extra Cab form is depicted in lightweight and durable polycarbonate, with separate metal- plated side mirror and light case parts.
• Includes 2 each of white (headlight) and red (taillight) 5mm-diameter LEDs and the LED Light Unit. Note: The model light cases can be fitted with up to 6 LEDs front and rear.
• Metal-plated wheels are paired with realistic tires featuring authentic block tread pattern.
• CC-01 chassis features a full-time 4WD system and front double wishbone, rear 4-link rigid suspension equipped with 4 CVA oil dampers.
• 267mm wheelbase.
• An expansive range of option parts is available to customize the CC-01 chassis.
• Includes 540-Type Brushed motor.
• Includes Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (electronic speed control) Capable of running sensor brushless motors and brushed motors alike. (21.5 Turn BL motor limit) (23 Turn brushed motor limit)
• Requires: 2-Channel Radio, servo, 7.2volt battery pack & charger, and Tamiya PS paint.

Tamiya nummer: 58663

EAN: 4950344586639


    Art.-Nr. Benaming    
T9005422 9005422, CC-01 G-Parts Gear Set with Kopen + details
T0005519 0005519, CC-01 A-Parts Axle housing Kopen + details
T50602 50602, CC-01 Bevel gear Differential Kopen + details
T51358 51358, CC-01/CR-01 Body-Kit Mercedes Kopen + details
T51388 CC-01/CR-01 Body-Kit Ford Bronco 1973 Kopen + details
T53909 53909, LED Lightunit TLU-01 w. LEDs Kopen + details
T54519 54519 CC-01 RC Stroke Extension Link Kopen + details
T9005439 9005439, CC-01/CR-01 H&J-Parts Side Kopen + details
T0005523 0005523, CC-01 E-Parts Front bumper Kopen + details
T54608 54608,CC-01 Kogelcardanas (2St.) voor Kopen + details
T54616 54616, CC01 Metal Plated A Parts Kopen + details
T54625 54625, CC-01Verlaagingset en bandenset Kopen + details
T54665 54665, RC CC-01 Aluminum Motor Mount Kopen + details
T54666 54666, RC CC-01 Barrel Spring Set Kopen + details
T51331 51331, CC-01/CR-01 Body-Kit Toyota FJ40 Kopen + details
T51216 51216, CC-01 Drive Shaft front 45mm (2 Kopen + details
T50705 50705, CC-01/TA02/FF01 Front upright Kopen + details
T0005520 0005520, CC-01 B-Parts Steering/Servo Kopen + details
T0005521 0005521, CC-01 C-Parts Front Gearbox Kopen + details
T9400462 9400462, 1/10 Off-Road Tires 26mm(4) Kopen + details
T54598 54598, CC-01/HL Rock Block Tire Soft (2) Kopen + details
T9335171 9335171, CC-01/CR-01 Body Jeep Wrangler Kopen + details
T19334122 19334122, CC-01 Bathtub Type Kopen + details
T4135042 4135042, CC-01 Universal Joint Kopen + details
T9335170 9335170, CC-01/CR-01 Window Jeep Kopen + details
T9335460 9335460, 1/10 Wheels silver 26mm (4) Kopen + details
T9115062 9115062, CC-01/CR-01 K-Parts headlight Kopen + details
T9005741 9005741, CC-01 Polycarbonate Body Kopen + details
T54679 54679, CC-01 C-Parts verchroomt Kopen + details
T9808112 9808112, 2,4x11mm Pin screw (2) Kopen + details
T54554 54554 Rock Block Tires w/(2) 5-Spoke Kopen + details
T9335205 9335205, 1/10 Wheels black 26mm (4) Kopen + details
T9805481 9805481, 1/10 Off-Road Tires 26mm (2) Kopen + details
T0445516 0445516, 1/10 Wheels silver 26mm (2) Kopen + details
T9445529 9445529, 1/10 Off-Road Tires 26 mm(4) Kopen + details
T50356 50356 Motortandwiel 20-21T Kopen + details
C900140 900140, 1/10 Off-Road Cross Country Kopen + details
T50594 50594, CC-01 Assen 2x10mm (10) Kopen + details
T0005522 0005522, CC-01 D-Parts Suspension Kopen + details
T9115239 9115239, CC-01/CR-01 M-Parts Bumper Jeep Kopen + details
T9115238 9115238, CC-01/CR-01 L-Part Tail light Kopen + details
T4135066 4135066, CC-01 Propeller Shaft long Kopen + details
T9115264 9115264, CC-01 M-Parts Front Kopen + details
T50354 50354, Motortandwiel 16-17 T Kopen + details
T9805543 9805543, 1/10 Off-Road Tires 26mm (2) Kopen + details

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