84412 1/10 RC TB-04R Chassis Kit

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1/10 RC TB-04R Chassis Kit

The TB-04R is the "Racing Version" of the popular TB-04 Chassis platform. The kit comes with many of the Hop-Up- Option parts that have been developed to enhance the performance of the car. All the plastic FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Parts) have been replaced with Carbon Reinforced Plastic for superior feel and durability on the race track.

Standard Spec TB-04 VS. TB-04R:
The TB-04 is a 1/10 scale 4WD machine that incorporates a drive-shaft down the center of the chassis to engage the front and rear gearboxes. The differentials inside the gearboxes are newly designed as they utilize a sealed gear differential system whereby the internal gears movement is controlled by different viscosity differential fluids. The TB-04R comes with a Front Direct Coupling (Spool) and the standard rear sealed gear diff unit.

The double-wishbone suspension system on the standard TB-04 utilizes the same "short reversible" type that has been used on the TB-03, TA-05 Version II, TA-06 and the TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) 416 and 417 World Championship machines. The TB-04R is equipped with TRF418/419 suspension components.

The TB-04 also incorporates " IFS" (inboard front suspension) whereby the front shocks are positioned horizontally and low to the chassis, so that low profile sports car body shapes can be accurately reproduced without losing any realistic scale appearance. The TB-04R is equipped with front and rear carbon plate shock towers, but it's possible to use an IFS set up if desired.

Included Hop-Up Options:

- TRF418 Suspension Arm & Front/Rear Uprights
- TRF Big Bore Dampers x4
- Aluminum Suspension Mounts (1A x2pcs., 1XB, 1D)
- Item 54592 TB- 04 Front Direct Coupling
- Rear Gear Differential Unit
- TB-04 Aluminum Steering Arms (L/R, Black)
- Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts
- Hex Screws
- Lightweight Universal Shaft Set (Rear) x2
- TB-04R Carbon Front/Rear Damper Stays* (designed specifically for this chassis kit)
- Item 54578 06 Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion (25T)
- TB-04 Aluminum Steering Bridge (Black)
- Front Double Cardan Drive Shafts (44mm)
- Full Ball Bearings

Tamiya nummer: 84412

EAN: 4950344844128


    Art.-Nr. Benaming    
T54145 54145, TB-03/TRF416WE EX Urethan Bumper Kopen + details
T53825 53825, TA07 Pro BC12/BC13 TB EVO IV Kopen + details
T53601 53601 TRF 5mm Adjuster Low Friction (8) Kopen + details
T53588 53588, RC 10mm Shim Set - 3 Types Kopen + details
T53585 53585, RC 3mm Shim Set - 3 Types Kopen + details
T53576 53576, TRF Damper Oil Seal (4) black Kopen + details
T42221 42221,Cross Joint for Double Cardan Kopen + details
T42102 42102, RC TRF Special Damper Set Kopen + details
T54067 54067, Suspension Mount 1XA Kopen + details
T54069 54069, Suspension Mount 1A Kopen + details
T54070 54070, Suspension Mount 1B Kopen + details
T54071 54071, Suspension Mount 1C Kopen + details
T54072 54072, Suspension Mount 1D Kopen + details
T54073 54073, Suspension Mount 1E Kopen + details
T54074 54074, Suspension Mount 1F Kopen + details
T51353 51353, FF-03 Front/rear Suspension Arm Kopen + details
T54522 54522 RC TB04 Alum Ball Diff Set - 40T Kopen + details
T54533 54533 RC TB04 Gear Diff Cross Shaft Kopen + details
T54580 54580 RC Carbon Rein Hub Carrier - 4 Kopen + details
T51553 51553 RC TB04 Gear Diff Unit Gasket - Kopen + details
T54593 54593,TB-04 Carbon reinforced G-Parts Kopen + details
T54592 54592 RC TB04 Front Direct Coupling Kopen + details
T51100 51100, TB Evo.IV/DF-03 Flanged Tube Kopen + details
T53573 53573, TRF Damper Piston 3 Hole (4) Kopen + details
T54540 54540, TB-04 Steel Bevel Gears Kopen + details
T51547 51547 RC TB04 One Way/Gear Set - 40T Kopen + details
T51549 51549 RC Gear Diff Unit Bevel Gear - Kopen + details
T54543 54543 TB-04 Alu Cup Joints Kopen + details
T53640 53640 TRF 5mm M3 Ball Nut Blue anodized Kopen + details
T53642 53642 5mm Aluminum kogelkop met Kopen + details
T54546 54546, RC Carbon Rein Hub Carrier Kopen + details
T19008169 19008169, TA07 D-Parts Kopen + details
T54078 54078, XV-01/FF-03 44mm Swing Shaft Kopen + details
T51556 51556, TA07, TB-04, F-Parts (6° Hub Kopen + details
T51548 51548 RC TB04 06 Module Spur Gear - 66T Kopen + details
T51253 51253, TA07 Ver.II B-Parts Body Mount Kopen + details
T51444 51444, Cross Joints for universal Shaft Kopen + details
T42281 42281 RC TRF418 Stabilizer Set - Kopen + details
T51093 51093, TA07 3x46mm Suspension Shaft(4) Kopen + details
T54648 54648,TRF419/TB-04 Stabilizer ball Kopen + details

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