84424 1/10 RC M-05 V.II R Chassis Kit

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M-05 V.II R Chassis Kit

This is a refined, race-spec version of the popular M-05 Ver.II PRO chassis. It features new, dedicated M-Chassis double- cardan drive shafts, plus a number of option parts including TRF short aluminum dampers. Numerous aluminum parts in the kit have a cool black anodized finish to make the R-Spec version stand out!

The M-05 chassis, which was released in 2009, has been a favorite platform for M-chassis club racers for years. The Version 2 tweaks the proven M-05 with enhancements that take advantage of new battery technologies as well as tried and true suspension adjustments used in many of Tamiya's touring car platforms. Furthermore, it features a number of upgrades, to improve balance and lower the chassis' center of gravity, making it a highly drivable FWD radio control car.

Featured Components

M-Chassis Double-Cardan Drive Shafts (universals)
M-05 Lightweight Aluminum Battery Holders (Black)
Aluminum Motor Mount (Black)
M-05 Aluminum Turnbuckle Steering Rod (Black)
M-05Ra Chassis Uprights
Hex Screws
M-05 Aluminum Steering Posts (Black)
M-05 Aluminum Servo Mount (Black)
Included Hop-Up-Option Parts

54179 M-05 Ball Bearing Set
54277 M-Chassis Reinforced Gear Set
54409 3x14mm Low Friction Step Screw (4pcs.)
54613 M-05 Ver.II Stainless Steel Sus Shaft Set
54237 M-05 Low Friction King Pin (4pcs.)
54319 M-Chassis Lightweight Hollow Shaft Set
54606 M-05 Ver.II 1-Piece Lower Suspension Arm Set
51000 Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black)

Product Specifications (Specifications subject to change)

Type Detail
Scale 1/10
Construction type Assembly kit
Terrain use On-Road
Drive-train 2WD FWD
Drive type Gearbox
Drive line Universal
Differential type Gear
Suspension Fully independent double wishbone
Steering mechanism Bell-crank
Shock damper Oil-filled damper
Shock damper material Aluminum
Tire type Not included
Tire tread N/A
Body material Not included
Chassis material Plastic
Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Not included
ESC model N/A
LED Light buckets No
LED lights No
Motor Not included
Bearings Sealed ball bearing
Adjustable camber Fixed
Adjustable toe angles Front only
Adjustable ground clearance Yes
Adjustable gear ratio Yes
Adjustable wheelbase Yes
Adjustable track width Fixed
Adjustable shock angle Fixed
Special feature 1 Newly-designed M-Chassis double cardan drive shafts minimize power loss.
Special feature 2 TRF short dampers give superb cushioning and maximize chassis traction.
Special feature 3 M-05Ra type uprights ensure that the chassis has optimized cornering characteristics.
Special feature 4 Hex screws are employed for secure attachment of parts.
Special feature 5 Compatible with square-shaped battery packs & low-profile servos.
Special feature 6 Combination of black anodized metal parts and dark plastic molded parts.
Requires A 2-channel radio gear
Requires B 7.2 battery & charger
Requires C Wheels, tires, body set, motor, esc
Requires D Polycarbonate paint

Tamiya nummer: 84424

EAN nummer: 4950344844241


    Art.-Nr. Benaming    
T51394 51394,M-Chassis Wheel-Set 11-Spoke Kopen + details
T54824 54824 M-Chassis 11-Spoke Wheels 2st. Kopen + details
T50882 50882, King Pin Satz 4St. (BD5) Kopen + details
T53633 53633,Tamiya TRF Demperveren wit extra Kopen + details
T51362 51362, M-Chassis Wheel-Set Fiat 500 Kopen + details
T53632 53632 TRF Demperveren blauw hard Kopen + details
T53631 53631,TRF Demperveren geel medium Kopen + details
T53630 53630,Tamiya TRF Demperveren rood soft Kopen + details
T53255 53255 M-Chassis inserts type 60D hard Kopen + details
T54590 54590 M-Chassis inserts Super Hard (4) Kopen + details
T51467 51467 Body-kit Mugen Honda CR-X Pro M- Kopen + details
T54224 54224, M-05 Lightweight alu Battery Kopen + details
T50684 50684, M-Chassis Tires M-Grip 60D (2) Kopen + details
T54213 54213,3x48,5mm Titanium Suspension Kopen + details
T9804237 19804237, RC Gear Box Joint 2st. (BC6) Kopen + details
T9335209 19335209 Velgen Fiat Abarth Kopen + details
T54374 54374 M05/ M06 Drift banden M-Chassis Kopen + details
T42291 42291, M-Chassis Alu Big Bore demperset Kopen + details
T50476 50476, Rally Block bandenset - (1pr) Kopen + details
T53204 53204, M-Chassis Inner Sponge Kit Type Kopen + details
T50676 50676, M-Chassis Wheel-Set Mini Cooper Kopen + details
T54430 54430, Dubbelzijdig schuimband voor Kopen + details
T54044 54044,TRF M-Chassis Piston Rod 26mm (2) Kopen + details
T50683 50683, M-Chassis Radial tires 60D (2) Kopen + details
T54673 54673, MF-01X Centraalas lang 210mm (1) Kopen + details
T50738 Tamiya, 50738, Gear Bag MF-01X, TL01 Kopen + details
T54659 54659, RC MF-01X Carbon Damper Stay - Kopen + details
T54672 54672, MF-01X Centraalas middel 210mm Kopen + details
T54660 54660, RC MF-01X Alum Motor Mount Kopen + details
T54658 54658, RC MF-01X Alum Servo Mount Kopen + details
T53222 53222, M-Chassis Super Slick Tires (2) Kopen + details
T53215 53215 1/10 Slickbanden M-Chassis Kopen + details
T53254 53254, M-Chassis Radial Tires Super Kopen + details
T50569 50569, M-Chassis Wheel-Set Mini Cooper Kopen + details
T50568 50568 1/10 Profielbanden M-Chassis Kopen + details
T53597 53597,Assembly Universal Shaft Kopen + details
T84195 84195, 3mm O-Ring Black (10) (BC5) Kopen + details
T9805945 19805945, Stepscrew 3x18mm 4st. (BC1) Kopen + details
T51237 51237, M-Chassis Wheel-Set Suzuki Swift Kopen + details
T54000 TRF aluminium tuningsdemperset M-Chassis Kopen + details
T54236 54236, M-05 Alu Front Damper Stay blue Kopen + details
T54237 54237, M-05 Low Friction King Pin (4) Kopen + details
T54538 54538 M-05 Alu Counterweight - L/R Kopen + details
T54238 54238, M-05RA Ball Diff Cup Set Kopen + details
T54239 54239, M-05/05RA Stabilizer Set Kopen + details
T54408 54408, M-05 Alu Servo Mount Kopen + details
T54475 54475 M-05 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear) Kopen + details
T54614 54614, M-O5VII L-Teile Querlenker Carb. Kopen + details
T54613 54613, M-05VII Stahl Querlenkerwellen Kopen + details
T54606 54606,M-05V.II Draagarmset v/a (4) Kopen + details
T54529 54529 RC M05 Setting Sus Arm Set - Kopen + details
T54605 54605,RC M-05 Ver.II A Parts Kopen + details
T54542 54542 M-05 Alu Rr Sus Mount - 1 Degree Kopen + details
T54320 M05 Carbon demperbrug voor Kopen + details
T51390 51390 M-05 B-Parts Kopen + details
T54191 54191, M-05 Alu Racing Steering Set Kopen + details
T54183 54183, FF-03 Reinforced Free Wheel Axle Kopen + details
T54182 54182, M-05 Adjustable Upper Arm Set Kopen + details
T54179 54179, M-05 Ball Bearing-Set 18 pcs Kopen + details
T51391 51391, C-Parts Kopen + details
T51392 51392, M-05 D-Parts damper Stay Kopen + details
T51393 51393, M-05 F-Parts Upright Set/Hub Kopen + details
T51427 51427,M-Chassis Rally blok banden Kopen + details
T51389 51389, M-05 A-Parts Chassis/Frame Kopen + details
T51425 RC M05Ra F Parts - Upright Kopen + details
T54214 54214, Titanium Hex Head Screw(2) für Kopen + details
T54195 M05 Aluminium TB Steering Rod Kopen + details
T54194 M05 kogeldifferential set Kopen + details
T54193 M05 aluminium stuurkolomset Kopen + details
T54192 M05 Aluminum steering link Kopen + details
T54326 M06 Aluminium demperbrughouder Kopen + details
T50823 50823, Wheel axle 2pc. (BC7) Kopen + details
T9804392 9804392, Tapping screw 10pc. (BA6) Kopen + details
T50686 50686, M-Chassis Inner Sponge Set blue Kopen + details
T54216 54216, M-Chassis Tires 60D Reinforced Kopen + details
T53340 53340, M-Chassis Tires 60D reinforced Kopen + details
T84278 84278 M05L Alfa Romes MiTo Body Parts Kopen + details
T51405 51405,1/10 velgenset C-Sp/Alfa Romeo Kopen + details
T84279 84279 M05L Alfa Romeo MiTo Body Parts Kopen + details
T84276 84276 M05L Alfa Romes MiTo Body Parts Kopen + details
T51583 51583 1/10 RC Body Set Mazda MX-5 Kopen + details
T84277 84277 M05L Alfa Romeo MiTo Body Set Kopen + details
T92214 92214 1/12 Bodyset Datsum 280ZX Kopen + details
T51334 51334,M-Chassis Wheel Set BMW New Kopen + details
T2500024 12500024, Threaded Shaft 3x18mm 4pc. Kopen + details
T9804163 19804163, Screw 3x27mm 2pc. (BD1) Kopen + details
T2500029 25500029, Threaded Shaft 3x32mm Kopen + details
T54530 54530 RC Carbon Body Mount Crossmember Kopen + details
T54327 54327, M-05 Rear Upright 1° Kopen + details
T54267 54267, M-05/06 Alu Rear Upright 2° Kopen + details
T54277 54277, M-03/04/05/06 Tankwielset Kopen + details
T54319 M03/04/05/06 stalen lichtgewicht assen Kopen + details
T3550008 13550008, Shaft 5x30mm Kopen + details
T54583 54583 M-06/05/Pro RC Titan Coated Sus Kopen + details
T3550027 3550027, Shaft 5x40mm (BA14) Kopen + details
T3555048 3555048, Shaft 5x21mm (BA15) Kopen + details

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