74139 Engraving Blade Holder

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 Engraving Blade Holder

This is a lightweight, ergonomically designed holder for Tamiya’s line-up of Fine Engraving Blades. (Items 74135-38)

- Engraving Blade Holder x1
- Length: 126mm, diameter: 6mm.
- Made from lightweight, durable aluminum, with a knurled grip section for error-free crafting. The chuck is made of nickel-plated brass.
- The holder’s slimline form allows it to be held like a pen.
- Blade insertion and removal is simple – just lightly pinch the chuck and rotate the handle.
- Comes with a protective cap that also stops the holder from rolling away.
- Compatible with Fine Engraving Blades (Items 74135-38) and Design Knife Blades (Item 74074).

Tamiya nummer: 74139

EAN: 4950344741397

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