87105, Craft Cotton Swab- Triangular/Extra Small

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Craft Cotton Swab - Triangular/Extra Small 50pcs

When building a scale model, cotton swabs are often used with painting and applying decals. However, cotton swabs bought from supermarkets usually have loosely spun tips and quickly lose shape. These new Craft Cotton Swabs have tightly spun cotton tips and are easy to use, making them much better suited for hobby use.
-In the Craft Cotton Swab range there are five kinds: two with round and with three triangular shaped tips.
-These are industrial strength cotton swabs, and compared with those found in supermarkets, they do not fray as easily when wet or dipped in solvents, resulting in less wastage.
-These swabs are great for applying decals and panel lining onto model surfaces.
-Creating fine details and weathering on small areas such as in Waterline series models becomes a breeze.
-You can also use the swabs effectively for applying any of the Weathering Master Set color schemes, such as realistic rust stains, to your model.

Tamiya nummer: 87105

EAN nummer: 4950344871056

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