1/35 Leopard 2A6

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1/35 Leopard 2A6

About the Leopard 2 A6
The latest upgrade to the Leopard 2 is a newly designed 55 caliber 120mm smooth bore main gun. Measuring 1.3m longer than the 44 caliber main gun of its predecessor, the Leopard 2 A5, the new gun of the 2 A6 provides higher projectile velocity for increased range and penetration. The 2 A6 retains improvements made to previous Leopard 2 tanks including wedge shaped spaced armor effective against chemical weapons and improved electric gun control and stabilization system. The use of the 2 A6 continues to spread throughout Europe with the Netherlands, Spain and Greece adopting the 2 A6 as their main battle tank.


About the Model
1/35 scale plastic assembly kit.
Overall length: 314mm
Accurately reproduced long 55 caliber 120mm smoothbore main gun adds to sense of power.
2 newly designed half body figures (commander and loader) included in kit.
Goggles for figures, headlights and taillights reproduced using transparent parts.
Kit features extra road signs for reproduction of realistic diorama.
Includes decals to reproduce up to 4 different types of markings, including NATO versions used in Kosovo.

Suggested Paint Colors

X-10 - Gun Metal
X- 11 - Chrome Silver
X-18 - Semi Gloss Black
X-2 - White
X- 26 - Clear Orange
X-27 - Clear Red
X-6 - Orange
X-7 - Red
XF-1 - Flat Black
XF-15 - Flat Flesh
XF-27 - Black Green
XF-4 - Yellow Green
XF-56 - Metallic Grey
XF-62 - Olive Drab
XF-64 - Red Brown
XF-65 - Field Grey
XF-67 - NATO Green
XF-68 - NATO Brown
XF-69 - NATO Black
XF-7 - Flat Red

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