54726 RC TA07 Front One-Way Set 37T

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Tamiya 54726 RC TA07 Front One-Way Set 37T

This is a front one-way unit designed to fit the TA-07. The front one-way mechanism provides no braking force to the front wheels when brakes are applied to slow the car down. In turn, all the braking force goes to the rear tires, which makes braking tricky and a lot more difficult compared to having brake force applied to all four tires. The benefit of the one-way unit is that it provides sharper acceleration and improved cornering speed at the expense of consistent braking. Therefore, its only recommended to use a front one-way unit in track configurations where hard braking is not required to navigate the track at a fast pace. It is also recommended to use it for slower powered racing classes such as 25.5, 21.5, and 17.5 motor classes.

- Front One-Way Set (37T) x1
- Installing a one- way unit in the front means that front wheels are not braked. It provides sharper acceleration and improved cornering.
- Black anodized finish.
- Compatible with TA07 PRO chassis cars.

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