54699, Rigid Separate Sus Mount - (05F)

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Tamiya, 54699, Rigid Separate Sus Mount - (05F)

These option suspension mount parts give a roll center of 4.5mm, which is 0.5mm lower than that provided by 1XB-1C counterparts (Items 54618 - 54620). They also adjust pitch, and provide rigid attachment for greater stability. They may be used as tuning parts to your TRF419, TRF419X, and TB EVO 6 racing chassis. Furthermore, these mounts may also be used to replace the standard plastic suspension mount blocks found in the TA-07 PRO chassis which expands the machines tuning potential. When used on the TA-07 Pro chassis suspension rigidity is increased dramatically.
- Four types are available. In descending order of width: 05G > 05F > 05E > 05D
- Each item contains 1 pair of A and B mounts.
- Made from lightweight and durable aluminum.
- Intended mainly for use in the front suspension.
- Setting spacers (Item 54617) RC Rigid Suspension Mount Spacer .5mm are also available as option parts.
- Compatible with TRF419, TRF419X, EVO 6, and TA-07 chassis cars.

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