58587 1/10 Neo Fighter Buggy DT-03

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1/10 Neo Fighter Buggy DT-03

The Neo Fighter Buggy is mounted on the newly developed and easy to build DT-03 chassis platform. Intended as an easy- to-get-started model to encourage young drivers to enter the world of R/C, its intuitive yet tough design allows hassle-free assembly and gives less experienced users the opportunity to get to grips with R/C model composition and construction.


Scale : 1/10
Construction type : assembly kit
Terrain use : off-road
Drive-train : 2WD
Drive type : gearbox
Drive line : dog bone
Differential type : gear
Suspension : fully independent double wishbone
Steering mechanism : direct servo
Shock damper : friction damper
Shock damper material : plastic
Tire type : rubber
Tire tread : pin spike
Body material : Polycarbonate
Chassis material : plastic
Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : included
ESC model : TBLE-02S
LED Light buckets : no
LED lights : no
Motor : 540-brushed type
Bearings : plastic bushing
Adjustable camber : fixed
Adjustable toe angles : front only
Adjustable ground clearance : yes
Adjustable gear ratio : yes
Adjustable wheelbase : fixed
Adjustable track width : fixed
Adjustable shock angle : fixed
Special feature 1 : Monocoque DT-03 chassis
Special feature 2 : Utilizes a longitudinally-placed rear motor, rear-wheel drive set-up.
Special feature 3 : Long wheelbase design enables stable performance.
Special feature 4 : The angle of the skid-shaped underside has been increased to raise the car?s off-road potential.
Special feature 5 : Features a newly-designed body molded in tough polycarbonate material.
Special feature 6 : Includes a torque-tuned motor and CVA shock units.
Special feature 7 : Includes Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (capable of running brushed and brushless motors)
Requires A : 2-channel radio gear
Requires B : 7.2 battery & charger
Requires C : polycarbonate paint

Tamiya nummer: 58587

EAN: 4950344585878


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529 Kopen + details

0004252 DT-02 & DT-03 B-Teile (58340/T58485)

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T0004252 0004252 DT-02 & DT-03 B-Teile (58340/T58485) Kopen + details

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