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BELI-ZELL is suitable for use with almost any material, as well as traditional and modern material

Identical and different materials with each other
The joint surfaces of the assembly parts can vary from rough to plane
Open porous materials (as foams, expanded polystyrene, wood) up to closed porous materials (as metals, glass fibre / carbon fibre laminates) will be bonded safely
layers of fabrics can be used to make sandwich materials or to reinforced constructions, e.g. a foam - fabric - balsa sandwich or wings planked with balsa / obeche and glass- or carbon fabric as reinforcement.
A lot of materials, which commonly need primers, will be bonded reliable in most cases, however a pilot test is recommended in such cases
Cured BELI- ZELL is completely waterproofed
BELI-ZELL fills cracks and small gaps between the assembly parts, without additional fillers. Thus the joint surfaces need not to be close-fitting. Gaps are very common with broken foams parts.
BELI-ZELL contains no solvents or diamine or fillers
Small amounts go a long way - the adhesive expands 3 to 4 times of its original volume. 14.5 gram BELI-

ZELL equals about 35 gram balsa cement
The bonding joint can be easily reworked and sanded after curing
No additional kicker accelerators necessary (e.g. with super glues)
BELI-ZELL is applicable in a wide temperature range
Service temperature between -40°C up to 80°C, short time 100°C
The bonding joint does not soften at high temperatures (as with 5-minute epoxy adhesives)
Reliable bonding joint even at a high temperature drift (e.g. model boats)
Very light adhesive, average density 0,25 - 0,33g/cm3 (epoxy adhesives without fillers about 1,3 - 2,0g/cm3)
The bonding joint remains flexible, which is preferable with elastic material like foams. No glass hard or brittle spots, which occur regularly when using super glues or epoxy adhesives. When bonding hard material, like metal only a little amount of BELI-ZELL is needed. This thin film bonding results in a stiff joint between the assembly parts.
Even if the same spots needs to be repaired repeatedly, the quality of the bonding joint does not decline unlike super glues or 5-minute epoxy adhesives.
Good value since only a small amount of BELI-ZELL is need and BELI-ZELL is a light adhesive (compared to super glues and epoxy adhesives) - 14.5 gram of BELI-ZELL bond a lot more than it appears at first sight
Cured BELI-ZELL shows a fine pored surface, which is a good spare for missing or broken parts - especially for models made of foam
No mixing necessary hence no mixing errors
Precision applicator makes the application of BELI-ZELL easy and prevents wrong dosing

Setting time
BELI-ZELL is available in three open times
fast - cured within 4-8 minutes (when using BELI-ZELL Kicker), for rapid repair / bonding, fixation and as full substitute for 5-min epoxy glues
10 minutes for ambitious modellers and maximum adhesive strength
60 minutes for planking wings, large parts or when time for accurate alignment is essential
Continuous working hence the assembled parts have to be fixed only for a short time, at least open time + 5-10 minutes. Use crepe tape or needles for fixing to allow curing of BELI-ZELL under the tape.

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