58647 RC M-07 Concept Chassis Kit M-07

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Tamiya 58647 RC M-07 Concept Chassis Kit - M-07

The Tamiya M-Chassis platform has been around since the early 1990's. Now in its 7th generation, the M-07 Concept is a significant evolution from its predecessors. Designed by the same designer who brought the TA-07 Pro Touring Car chassis to life, this chassis takes a number of design cues from Tamiya's touring car models and features a largely changed design from its numeric predecessors. The goal set forth with this new platform; ease of maintenance and responsive drive characteristics, all of which were attained during its development. The all-new features incorporated into the M-07 CONCEPT make it truly rewarding to drive for those who would like to experience the excitement of R/C racing.


- The M-07 Concept will be available in kit form with a length of 332mm and width of 164mm.
- Similar to that of the TA-07 Pro, the main chassis uses a 1-piece monocoque with integrated upper frame elements.
- The M-07 will be available with two different wheelbases, adjusted by flipping the rear suspension arms (M: 225mm, L: 239mm).
- A major upgrade; new,long suspension arms and steering linkage components for better handling. Rear toe can also be adjusted with included spacers.
- 4- wheel independent suspension with CVA oil-filled shocks.
- The M-07 comes with an oil-filled gear differential (from the TA-06) and uses universal driveshafts and a full set of ball bearings.
- FINALLY! The chassis will be compatible with standard IMFAR LiPo regulation square-shaped battery packs.
- The chassis will also accept Low-Profile servos - more selection, less weight.
- The body body mounts have been reinforced to make them more durable with less flexing.


    Art.-No. Designation    
T54824 54824 M-Chassis 11-Spoke Wheels 2pc. Shopping + details
T54765 54765 Front Suspension Mount M-07 Shopping + details
T54763 54763 M-07 Steering Arm Aluminum Shopping + details
T54762 54762 M-07 Carbon Damper Stay rear Shopping + details
T54761 54761 M-07 Carbon Damper Stay Front Shopping + details
T54759 54759 M-07 RC Motor Heat Sink Aluminum Shopping + details
T54757 54757 M-07 Stabilizer Set (Front, Rear) Shopping + details
T54756 54756 M-07 RC Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft Shopping + details
T54747 54747, 5mm Suspension Ball - Low Shopping + details
T54766 54766 Counter Shaft Alu M-07 Concept Shopping + details
T54767 54767 M-07 Concept Center Shaft Alu Shopping + details
T54813 54813 M-07 Concept Kingpin Pipes Shopping + details
T54812 54812 M-07C High-Traction Chassis CF Shopping + details
T54811 54811 RC M-07 Concept D Parts 2pcs Shopping + details
T54810 54810 RC M-07 Concept C Parts 2pcs Shopping + details
T54787 54787, RC Aluminum Rear Sus Mount (Skid Shopping + details
T54786 54786,RC Aluminum Fnt Sus Mount(4 Shopping + details
T54781 54781, RC M07 Concept Alu R Uprights Shopping + details
T54780 54780, RC M07 Concept Alu F Sus Mount Shopping + details
T54602 54602, RC Alum Gear Diff Unit Cover - Shopping + details
T54573 54573 TRF Alum. Wheel Spacer 0,75mm Shopping + details
T54532 54532, TA06 Alu Gear Diff Unit Cup Joint Shopping + details
T51470 51470,TA06/TRF417 Gear Differential Shopping + details
T51466 51466, TA06/XV01 Gear Diff Unit Cup - Shopping + details
T51464 51464, TA06/XV01 Gear Diff Unit Gasket - Shopping + details
T51462 51462, TA06/XV-01 Rear Gear Diff Case - Shopping + details
T51460 51460, TA06, XV-01 Gear Diff Unit Shopping + details
T51444 51444, Cross Joints for universal Shaft Shopping + details
T47369 1/10 RC Body Set Mazda 2 Lightweight Shopping + details
T19803013 3x5x3.2mm Spacer:58647 Shopping + details
T51595 51595 M-07 A Parts (Body Mounts) Shopping + details
T51596 51596 M-07 B-Parts (Bumpers) Shopping + details
T54471 54471, TA06 Steel Gear Differential Shopping + details
T54428 54428, TA06 RC Steel Bevel Gears Shopping + details
T53823 53823, FF-03 Clamp Type Alu Wheel Hub Shopping + details
T51601 51601 RC M-07 Concept Spur Gear - Shopping + details
T51600 51600 RC M-07 Concept Lower Deck Shopping + details
T51599 51599 RC M-07 Concept K Parts - Shopping + details
T51598 51598 RC M-07 Concept D Parts - Shopping + details
T51597 51597 M-07 C-Parts (Uprights) Shopping + details
T16275080 16275080 M-07 Urethane Bumper Shopping + details

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